The first time I posted Kato I was stunned by the popularity.  It was for a long time my most popular post.  Then the second time I got on my soap box about boobs and judgement and I don’t regret it, it got a conversation going, it got a great post by a model about the industry and implants, it was fun.  But hopefully this time I can avoid any of that and just talk about Kato.  Who is really hot.  I will avoid the obvious saw here (I like Blonde Brits, I like Katherines) and instead talk about the appeal of the exotic.  You may not think of Kato as exotic but it seems to me that is what she trades in.   Yes a skinny, blonde, white woman with large breasts is exotic.  I know on paper it seems silly.  But in binary it seems obvious to me.  Look at how those 0’s and 1’s come together up above to form pictures, there is nothing about her look that would pass for normal.  She does not blend in.  The hair color, the way her make up shapes her eyes and high lights her features, obviously the way she dresses, these are exotic.  Steam punk is exotic, it is fashion that is nostalgic for a time that never existed.  That has to be a big part of the appeal, we have all been outsiders at some point and the draw of something that never was is strong.  Something that is different, that is special.  Steampunk is not something that did exist, it’s something that people wish existed.  It’s a reality to be shaped in the mind, one that then will fit you like the real world doesn’t.  That’s the appeal of someone like Kato as well, it’s a sort of hyper reality, it’s a beauty that you can’t as easily assign a type to.  Because it doesn’t fit what we know it can become whatever we don’t know.  It becomes comfortable because it’s foreign, it suits us because it fits nowhere else.  Or you know, she’s just hot, has a great body, and a unique style.  it’s one of those things.  Today I want to fuck Kato.

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