So Ophelia Overdose is back and if you aren’t following her you are missing out.  Her blog is right here. She is awesome for lots of reasons.  I have talked about it before.  Today the part I want to talk about being so awesome is the magic she can do with a needle and thread and whatever else is used to make clothing and the stuff she sticks on other parts of her body.  Notice I am not even sure what else it entails, it really truly could be magic for all I know.  I would believe it because I am the person who buys clothing and somehow they look like garbage once I get them home.  So when someone can actually make clothing and it doesn’t look like they are wearing a tablecloth?  That’s amazing.  She is amazing.  Which is why you should follow her because you get to see a lot of really cool in progress stuff.  (I may have managed to only choose pictures this time of her wearing other peoples clothing.  Look, this blog isn’t about research.  Go to her deviant art page, or her store, I promise you there is lots of stuff she made).  Or you can follow her instagram for the same effect.  But you can see stuff coming together and then when you see it appear in one of her beautiful photos 3 months later you can give the knowing nod of a true hipster and say, “Yeah, I saw that first”.  I am not saying it will make you cool but I am saying it won’t hurt.  Anyway, she is pretty awesome and like a lot of alt models I am so blown away by the depth and breadth of her talents. Also she is gorgeous, I don’t want to forget to mention that because I’d be lying if I said that didn’t play a part in her appearance here.  So there you go, today I want to fuck Ophelia Overdose.

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