So last time I posted Kato it turned out to be, you know, incredibly successful, well by this blogs standards.  Most popular post of all time.  I was surprised.  Also, got a few snide comments as a result.  Also surprised, they happen sometimes but… I guess more popular and there will be more negativity, right?  Mainly it was about if she had real breasts or not. Just a couple of things, talking about how someone looks fake or not what a real woman looks like is insulting.  She’s got two X Chromosomes (I assume) then she is indeed a real woman.  The only person you should throw the not real thing at is Pinocchio’s sister and even then you’re kind of a dick.  Secondly, I had this long thing in my mind planned about feminist theory and stuff but this is not the place for it.  Send me a message if you want, I will talk theory for hours with you.  I will just say this, attacking women about what they have or have not done with their bodies is pretty much never feminism.  If you have a problem with a decision a woman made feel free to attack the source or circumstances you think cause women to be put in such situations (ie societal pressures for bigger breasts, the male gaze and how it dominates commerce) attacking a person has no point.  For real, no point, it isn’t going to solve shit and it won’t help the person.  Which is my other point, sorta, just because someone makes a decision you would not does not make them wrong or immoral.  This applies to feminism, too.  But enough of that nonsense cause that is not what this is about, this is about a very pretty girl and very awesome costumes.  I am in awe of anyone who can perfect a look as well as Kato does, it is just so impressive how everything she does, even for example the cosplay of a character from a movie like Baby Doll can so flawlessly still feel like it is part of the same aesthetic as everything else she does. I am very impressed with her steam punk style.  And now I will debase all my top of this entry arguments by objectifying her and stating that today I want to fuck Kato.

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