Here is Aimee Teegarden.  She is here because she’s never been here before.  Well… no, that’s not true.  She’s here because she’s pretty and I really thought she was attractive back when Friday Night Lights was on.  So I heard she was in a new show this fall on the CW that I will probably never watch and that got me thinking about her.  And I was surprised she’s never shown up because I like her.  But you know, out of sight out of mind.  But that got me thinking about how she hadn’t bee here, which got me thinking about her, which got me thinking extra hard about her.  Anyway, the basic point is I loved Friday Night Lights, like so much it’s really only a matter of time until I end up posting Kyle Chandler or something.  For now though Aimee Teegarden.  Because she is cutesy and curvy and sometimes that makes for a really enticing combination.  Today I want to fuck Aimee Teegarden.

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