Steampunk has always been so cool.  Well… cool isn’t the right word because it is pretty much nerdy as fuck.  Rather I have always thought Steampunk stuff is really interesting to look at and when I see a really awesome contraptions I think, “Oh fuck, that’s cool”.(your know, like this)  It’s still nerdy as fuck, I am just not  Anyway, it never occurred to me to fetishize it.  Or rather it never occurred to me people did.  Because apparently this is my first day on the internet?  I get it, the outfits are interesting and hot and hot girls in interesting and hot outfits should prove to be… well, interesting and hot?  Look, here is a model named Kato, real name apparently Kate Lambert.  She also is a clothing designer and stylist and I have seen pictures of her pop up places over the years but until I recently went looking for pictures of “who is that girl” I didn’t realize how many pictures of her I had seen before.  Apparently they were memorable enough that I could immediately know I had seen them before.   And they are pretty good.  And she is pretty hot.  I don’t know much more about her than I have said here but sometimes that’s enough, today I want to fuck Kato.

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