Today we are going to discuss nerdbait.  Or maybe we’re going to discuss that girls are real people, too.  Or maybe neither of those things and both of those things.  I don’t really map these things out, they are really just stream of consciousness effort and I cross my fingers and pray they are coherent.  But anyway, on to nerdbait, I have been deep in nerd culture my entire life because despite the fact that most people reading this probably assuming I am some sort of millionaire playboy who travels the world dating supermodels and battles crime to avenge my fallen parents the fact that I would even make that reference should make it very clear I am a nerd.  Trust me, my first crushes in life were Wonder Woman, Jean Grey, and Kitty Pryde (not coincidentally there is a picture here of Magik, who I did always wonder what it would be like to see her kiss Kitty because… well, even at like 10 I was that person I guess) (second aside, honorable mention to Daphne Blake and Firestar).  So nerdbait seems ridiculous, which is this idea among some nerds that… girls who like nerdy things should be met with distrust.  I don’t want to get into the very deep seeded mysogony that is part of nerd culture but I love the idea that girls couldn’t possibly like comic books or video games or whatever, they are only doing it to get attention from guys.  Now, the guys who are paying attention are huge nerds and while I hate to fuel stereotypes let’s be honest, they exist for a reason, these girls wouldn’t really need to work that hard to get a couple of nerds to desire her.  See, it’s entirely possible they just like all the nerdy stuff you like because… well, you find it appealing, why is it so hard to imagine they might as well?  This is the whole girls are real people, too, thing.  I think there is a habit people have of forgetting this, sometimes even women.  I could talk about an overwhelming societal view that makes women into objects, driven by male entitlement that is so ingrained we don’t recognize it but… well, smarty had a party and nobody came.  But if I can give you any advice about women, and I run this blog, so trust me I know about putting up pictures of women, it’s that they are actually individuals with their own hopes, dreams, aspirations, likes, and dislikes, not a monolithic gender of like beings.  Which brings me to today’s pick in a very round about way.  See, one of the truly awesome things about tumblr is how many of my followers I have gotten to interact with.  I am so lucky, I have awesome followers! At least the ones I have spoken with, they are pretty great.  That’s where the lovely and talented Pigeon Foo comes in.  I only discovered her because she followed me and talked to me and you know what?  She is a very engaging person who does excellent work.  She does a lot of cosplay, now this is where the nerd girl thing comes in because I wonder why anyone would claim, for example, to love DC comics if they don’t.  I don’t see how it will help because well… she is a very pretty girl, I promise you in my experience guys would be perfectly happy to look at a pretty girl even if she didn’t care about Batman at all.  I have met girls who don’t like Batman, guys still were attracted to them! Amazing, I know.  Which is a big part of why she’s here because she’s attractive.  Now, part of what makes her attractive isn’t just what she looks like, though, yes, she is hot, obviously.  In my few interactions with her I have also found her funny and engaging, and I follower her tumblr (you can, too, it’s right here) which I happen to find worthwhile.  And yeah, the fact that she likes comic books is also cool because we tend to like people who share our interests, this is a positive, not cause for suspicion.  I feel like I am not giving her fair due, this is getting long but let me stress, she is pretty cool, she is very pretty, her hair is obviously very different from picture to picture but I love her hair.  My first thought upon seeing her was that she was a better looking Billie Piper.  Um… ok, this is long enough, so since I have basically turned this into a lecture let’s go over the main points: Girls are people too, I am a nerd, and Pigeon Foo is hot.  The last one is probably why we’re all here right now though, so time to wrap this up and admit that today I want to fuck Pigeon Foo. 

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