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Karen Gillan has just looked amazing recently.  I say this like it’s somehow a surprise or something but the truth is when she first cut her hair off… I wasn’t the biggest fan of it.  Sometimes she still looked pretty good but you know, shaved is a tough look for anyone to pull off.  Do I prefer longer hair?  Yeah, a lot of the time I do.  But her hair has grown out more and both at the TCAs and now the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere she has looked fantastic.  I still might like the long hair a little better but what she is doing with it now looks pretty great.  And hey, best of both worlds, she has nice wigs for Selfie so we have that.  Anyway, I don’t know how anyone could be familiar with her work and not crush on her because she is just so funny and charming.  I seriously don’t.  I am sure there are people who dislike her but in my years on this Earth I have just come to accept there are people who like being wrong about things.  She is great and I am excited to see Guardians of the Galaxy and man I hope Selfie ends up being good.  Today I want to fuck Karen Gillan.

I suffer from severe game show envy.  Like the UK still seems to have them and we don’t.  Not really.  It’s not like it was when I was a kid and if I stayed home from school I could watch game shows all morning until TV started to suck hard in the afternoon with all the Soap Operas. But man, there were some sweet game shows on during the day, like I love Classic Concentration.  I had to look it up but luckily Googling Alex Trebek lead me to the answer.  I have to say it sounds horrible but i remember loving it.  And it was paired with a Scrabble game show.  And yes actually paired with it because these were not syndicated shows, these were NBC shows.  Because the TV landscape was different and networks actually programmed all day and with things like game shows.  Anyway, the UK still has them.  I guess they are mostly panel shows which skew more comedy than game but it’s still a thing.  From what I can see.  Honestly most of my impression of the UK is filtered through the internet and friends and like Britpop.  But I know every word of Common People so I am basically an expert.  Anyway, I have tried watching Countdown and have seen a little but it is a ton of work for an American to see it because England doesn’t want us to see it.  Which they must realize is only going to make us want it more.  You can’t just tell me I can’t watch it in my country.  This is a whole lot of rambling to get to Rachel Riley who I have been informed is a mathematical genius.  That is pretty hot if I am going to be honest.  Not because I am way into math or anything, sorry nerds, I was too busy wearing leather jackets and being a bad ass for that nerd shit.  Or more honestly I was better than average at math but it was never my thing in part because I was too busy not wearing leather jackets but rushing through my homework to read Dragon Lance novels in junior high.  It’s always hot when someone is good at something and it’s extra hot when someone is really good at something I am not really good at.  And she’s pretty.  And England is doing all in it’s power to keep me from seeing her.  Which now makes me think she has used her genius math brain to trick me into wanting her.  Which is pretty hot.  So today I want to fuck Rachel Riley.

Here is Pixie Lott because I said so.  I guess that is actually the pure reasoning for every single post I make but today I am feeling a little tired.  I shouldn’t be, I went to bed last night and slept for like 10 straight hours. I only even woke up then because someone called me and woke me up.  I feel like a teenager or something.  So I chose Pixie Lott cause I was like man, who will I post today and she popped into my mind.  Probably because I like thinking about her because she’s pretty.  That works for me, you know me and British girls.  Today I want to fuck Pixie Lott.

I kind of feel bad admitting that I am watching a new show on here because so many wonderful people have suggested new shows to me and I feel like I am slighting them by not watching those shows instead.  It isn’t you, it’s me.  See, I can hear something is critically acclaimed, I can be told I’d love it, until I somehow get the desire to actually watch it?  No force can make me watch it.  I’m a completist so a new TV show is a big commitment because if I don’t like it I could be sitting through hours of horrible TV.  I have a problem.  Anyway, I started watching Bates Motel on a late night whim.  I had heard good things but I was so distrustful of the core concept.  I am glad to say it is way, way better than a show about a teenage Norman Bates has any right to be.  I was torn though, again not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, as to who I would end up posting first from the show.  I figured it would depend on mood (that mood is not blonde or brunette, that isn’t a mood) as to who it was.  But I really like both of these actresses on the show, I think they do a good job, one as sort of a sweet, vulnerable girl you want to just give a big hug to and tell it’s going to be ok and the other as the sexy girl with a good heart, who I guess maybe you also want to hug?  :You know, let’s not talk about how you want to touch them and move on.  They are both very attractive and I couldn’t decide because I didn’t want to slight anyone.  So yes, I am posting two girls today for their sake.  Because I’m just such a good person.  I don’t want to say I am the Mother Teresa of pervy internet posts but… well, when I’m canonized you can reblog this post and say I was such a good person.  Anyway, they are both gorgeous and I like what I have seen of their work so far and so today I want to fuck Nicola Peltz and Olivia Cooke.

So Mary Elizabeth Winstead has an album coming out very soon but I just have not had time to listen to any of it so far except for the one song they had a video for.  I liked it, I really enjoy her voice.  That isn’t why she’s here, she’s here because I was talking about her the other day.  Honestly she is one of those people I wish I could post more often but sadly she just doesn’t show up often enough.  There are rarely new pictures of her because she has never become the gigantic star I think she should.  Besides being just breathtakingly beautiful she is also a very good actress.   I actually haven’t seen a single thing this year with her in it though because you know, the things she’s been in have only been at film festivals.  Oh well, we had Smashed last year and that was amazing.  Anyway, she is another one of those people who how many times I have posted her is disproportionately low compared to how great she is, it’s just a factor of how my attention works.  She is great though and today I want to fuck Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

I was talking to my dear tumblr friend femalecelebrityoftheday yesterday because he posted Katharine Isabelle who is one of those people I absolutely love but is pretty hyper obscure.  She is best known to the horror community and that’s because she has made some excellent horror movies.  I was suggesting some of her work that would be good too watch but my dear friend femalecelebrityoftheday (who I have now tagged twice and also has a second blog fcotdreblogs so with these super easy links you should probably just go to those blogs and click follow because they are definitely followable blogs) does not really care for horror.  It was mentioned though that he likes a lot of the girls I post from horror and it’s a shame because he’d like to see them in more.  This got me thinking about that because there are a number of girls I hold very dear to my heart who I first noticed in horror movies.  The obvious ones to spring to mind from horror and horror related things were Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Katie Cassidy.  Both have far moved past their run of horror themed TV shows and mid 2000’s horror movies.  That happens, that is good.  That is a very long way to get me to Jenny Wade who somehow I didn’t think of despite the fact that I completely love Jenny Wade.  Jenny Wade is fantastic.  The first thing I ever saw her in was Feast, which is not really a horror movie I would mark as a must see but it was pretty solid.  I think it may have a wider reach than a lot of horror since it came from Project Greenlight.  Was that a popular show?  I don’t know, I never watched it but the movie sprung from that.  Jenny Wade was in it and very pretty.  She was basically in her underwear the entire time and covered in blood so if that’s your thing… well, go ahead and watch the movie but if that combination is your thing it might be the sort of thing you keep just to yourself and a small circle of friends.  Probably the better introduction I can give to her is her twitter, which can be found here.  If you have a twitter account and don’t follow her you’re doing twitter wrong because she is ridiculously funny.  When she still tweets.  Also you might want to check out the Good Guys, her Fox show with a very short run.  But you know, Bradley Whitford is in it and just brilliant as he is want to be (side note, I rewatched Adventures in Babysitting a few months ago, did you know Bradley Whitford plays the dreamboat college boyfriend in that?  Mind blown.  People were younger once and age!!!)  And she was very good in it and it’s on Netflix and… and…  just… she’s great, she was in Mad Men recently but largely just doesn’t show up very often.  You can tell because like all these pictures are from 2010.  I can’t help it, there just isn’t much to be had which sucks because she is gorgeous and talented and I adore her. On the plus side her tag is always dead so once I post this it’ll be the first result to show up for like months and everyone can see me say today I want to fuck Jenny Wade.

Rihanna is one of those people that when I see her and I think she looks good I think she looks really good.  Like it’s strange cause weeks will go by without seeing anything about her and it’s like I forget Rihanna exists almost.  Then she’ll show up and it will be like, “Oh right… Rihanna!”  Her trip to Brazil for the World Cup has had that effect.  I think she looked really good and honestly it looks like she had a good time.  I am not usually a huge fan of pictures of celebrities walking around or jumping into the Ocean or whatever but she usually looked like she was having a good time and they just felt right so… here we are, today I want to fuck Rihanna.

I always get excited when I see Jessica Chastain because I really like Jessica Chastain.  Obviously I find her attractive, it kind of goes without saying if I am posting her but I also really, really like her body of work and keep hoping for more.  Soon.  And I know there is stuff coming down the pipe but I want it now.  So I see her and it’s exciting because she doesn’t show up a ton and it makes me eager.  She was at a film and music festival in Italy this past weekend (Emily Ratajkowski was there, too, it’s like an odd pairing of celebrities to be the ones to show up.  It’s hard for me to parse that in my brain).  She looked good in some of the pictures I saw and I was like, ok, well, I know who I am posting today.  So there you go, today I want to fuck Jessica Chastain.

Here are pictures of Barbara Palvin because.. why not?  My week of almost no sleep continues into a second week… or is it the third?  Math is hard, ya’ll.  Anyway, don’t expect me to be horribly articulate here.  I feel like I have some things about how she manages to mix being adorable and sexy into an interesting mix but basically all that is coming out is, “girl pretty”.  So you know, girl pretty.  Like girl.  Today I want to fuck Barbara Palvin.

Today is the day I officially became an old person.  No, it’s not my birthday or anything, I woke up with a painful Charley Horse in my right leg.  I guess this has happened at some other point in my life but it is basically a new sensation for me, so I Google it.  Upon doing so I discovered that, “Nighttime Charley Horses are common among the elderly.  Up to 60% of elderly people have been woken up by a Charley Horse in the last two months”.  So there we go, I’m elderly.  So I am posting Amanda Seyfried today because she is super pretty.  I remember once upon a time when she was a fresh young face and I would go, “Man, Lily Kane is pretty hot”.  You see, Lily Kane was the name of her character on what in those days was called a moving picture show.  We watched them on our tube based moving picture boxes.  That was how one watched entertainment back then, not like today with you kids and your internet and watching them on your iPads or your skateboards.  I can’t remember how long ago that was, see because I am old and old people forget all sorts of stuff.  All i remember for sure was to watch her on my tele-vision device I had to walk 10 miles through the snow uphill.  Eventually though I’d sit down and warm my hands on the side of the box and watch, commercials and all.  And I would think, “That girl Amanda Seyfried is mighty attractive.  I sure would like to take her to a sock hop or out for malted beverages”.  And I still think that but today I’d do it on some sort of fancy future jetpack and end up breaking my poor, old hip.  So while I still have a few breaths in me today I want to fuck Amanda Seyfried.