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Here is Jennifer Lawrence who probably didn’t have her best Labor Day weekend.  I feel bad for her and there are so many things I could talk about with all that went on but… I will leave most of that to others.  What I will say is this, I usually try to be inclusive as possible but the most upsetting thing I have regularly seen about this are the legions of guys whose arguments come down to “Sluts got what they deserve”.  I am not entirely sure what this argument means but if you are one of those people I will unequivocally tell you you are a piece of shit.  There are again lots of reasons why, ranging from the fact that this was a gross violation of privacy, a violation of a woman and you immediately come up with reasons why it’s a woman’s fault to the confusing misogyny of you wanting to see these pictures and then holding the woman in contempt for doing something that got you what you want.  But I also happen to know these arguments won’t make a dent.  It’s ok, I’m not here to convince you today.  Today I am here to mock you.  This is where I start mocking you.  See, you are eagerly gobbling up naked pictures of women and then bashing them for being naked.  I can only imagine this is because you are sad, lonely, sexually frustrated individuals.  To get what you claim to want and be angry about it displays a deep, deep dissatisfaction with your life.  I am sure you have reasons about how it’s the world’s fault but let’s be honest, you look around, you’re lonely, your pop culture ephemera doesn’t love you back, and things aren’t at all like you imaged they’d be when you became an adult.  You’re a giant loser and it frustrates you.  Your idea that a women being naked makes her a slut betrays that apparently you never get to see women naked.  I am sorry because naked women are great.  I know, I saw one on cable once.  It was awesome.  You however are a ball full of impotent rage and you are a sad little loser.  I am normally not this mean but… you’re a douche bag and a bully who hides behind a screen of anonymity.   Now, I know implying you’re a loveless, friendless, socially inept piece of trash is lazy and cheap and low hanging fruit but… I just don’t feel bad.  As for me, I don’t see anything wrong with a woman taking naked pictures of herself.  I don’t see anything wrong with her sharing it with people she wants to share it with.  It’s her life and her body.  I see a lot with people stealing it.  So I feel bad for Jennifer Lawrence and I feel bad to be at all associated with the sort of people who have shown the nastiness of their character.  But I hold her in the same esteem I did before, she’s a good actress and she is beautiful and today I want to fuck Jennifer Lawrence.

So there is almost no chance you don’t know what happened yesterday if you are following my blog.  I am not really going to address it because I don’t want to, if you know me you probably know my thoughts on it.  So completely avoiding all of that her is Holly Willoughby, who is very pretty.  I happen to like her a lot, there is just something about her.  There must be because it isn’t like I really see her very often but I have posted her a bunch.  She just has a kind of pleasant something about her mixed with her beauty.  So today I want to fuck Holly Willoughby.

This post is a long time overdue in that… Ariana Grande has almost made it multiple times.  Like, she was my number 2 some days?  It feels like she was supposed to be here multiple times and just kind of got beat out.  She actually last showed up here 7 months ago.  Now, part of that is I am not really like obsessed with Ariana Grande or anything so it’s easy for her to slip into the background but that is too long given the frequency with which she pops up in my thoughts.  It’s just bad luck I guess.  I know, poor her.  Famous, popular musician doesn’t get attention from me.  She must be crushed!  Anyway, she is here now because she is a lovely mix of adorable and sexy and today I want to fuck Ariana Grande.

Here is Gemma Arterton who has basically been demanding I take notice recently by looking absolutely amazing.  I feel bad because I have no idea if she has something coming out or anything, I assume so since there have been photoshoots and photocalls and whatever.  But I don’t know.  I don’t care because I don’t even need to know, the pictures alone are enough to get her here.  She has looked great.  She has this really difficult balance of looking absolutely adorable and drop dead sexy.  It’s hard to pull off both.  She has these cute freckles and this pretty face and then you kind of look at her eyes and her expression and… wow.  I know, I’m very articulate.  It’s a  gift.  My point is she looks just amazing.  So today I want to fuck Gemma Arterton

So I had an unfortunate interaction with a racist yesterday who, like most racists, saw himself as not racist but rational.  Also like so many racists he seemed to operate under the assumption that everyone feels the way he does, he’s just the only one voicing it.  Which of course is the power silence on the matter of racism gives racists.  They think they have legions of silent allies.  You might wonder why a post about Nicki Minaj is starting this way and it is quite frankly because she’s black.  I think it’s important to recognize that because it’s too easy to let the idea of race become invisible to those of us who allow it to be so.  If you are white and well off there is a good chance you have the convenience to not think about racism often.  I don’t think Nicki Minaj can be discussed without thinking about racism though, not for me at least.  My train of thought started this way last winter when Beyonce mentioned she was a feminist in GQ.  I assumed the reaction would be resounding applause because discussions of feminism don’t come up much at all in GQ and mainstream pop stars very rarely bring it up.  For an icon to do so was a big deal.  Instead there were a lot of articles from well educated and well read white people steeped in a racism they may not even know exists.  They attacked her because of how she dresses on stage and the fact that she plays on her sexuality.  Which goes back to age old stereotypes that can be so ingrained we don’t even realize we have them.  People have largely embraced Madonna and the way she traded on her sexuality.  She is considered a feminist icon.  The difference, of course, is that classically (and by classically I mean in the olden days, ie way more racist days) white sexuality is seen as knowing and sophisticated and black sexuality is seen as wild and animalistic.  Madonna knows what she is doing and is using it to empower herself as a woman.  The same could not be true for a black performer.  Which brought us around to the Anaconda cover, which people tore apart.  Nicki Minaj very astutely pointed out many, many white models showing off their asses.  Some people got this.  Others said it wasn’t racism, it was different.  I read an article that said the problem was her album cover was, “Attention seeking”.  No shit, it’s a piece of commercial art, the entire point of an album cover is to grab your attention.  But I am not here to discuss that, really.  I know this got heavy, I know you may not be here to read that, it’s cool.  I have a forum here though, I have a bunch of followers, it is an obligation to sometimes use the forum you have to say something that matters.  You can read all this and disagree with me.  That’s fine.  I just want you to think about why you think and feel the way you do about things.  When you instinctively feel a way maybe stop and examine it.  See if your reaction changes based on who is doing something.  Just be aware of the world we live in and that it isn’t entirely equitable to everyone.  You know, maybe be less judgmental and more prepared to see things from another view.  And feel free to keep hating Nicki Minaj, it’s your choice. I don’t hate her.  I find her quite attractive.  Today I want to fuck Nicki Minaj.

I am honestly not the world’s biggest Kristen Stewart fan.  I don’t have anything against her really, I mean sometimes I make the comment about her smiling (people criticize this and people criticize criticizing this.  You are right, girls don’t have to smile.  People also have the right to be annoyed if someone looks dour and unhappy doing what they purportedly love and making a lot of money at it.  It’s ok to have different opinions about it.  Is this still a thing anyway?  I feel like it hasn’t been in a long time), but I harbor no ill will.  I just don’t care.  That happens.  She is pretty but nothing about her clicks with me.  I have seen her in very little though I did like Adventure Land.  So no ill will but no passion at all really.  So sometimes it takes a little time to build up some, “Hey, she looks really good in that photoshoot”.  Then, “She looks really good there, is that the same one as last week?”  It turns out it isn’t and then I kind of realize that she has looked really good lately and it keeps stacking up and it’s like, ok, fine, I give up, today I want to fuck Kristen Stewart.

I rewatched The Winter Soldier last night because I was in the mood for something awesome and it was something awesome.  I love the movie, I feel like I made that clear when it originally came out but in case you don’t remember and you’ve been wondering what I think about it there you go.  It rules.  Also among things that are awesome and rule?  Scarlett Johansson.  She is gorgeous and talented and gorgeous.  Seriously gorgeous.  I don’t know why this posted ended up all black and white except it got that was after a few pictures and I embraced it.  It’s ok because she looks good in anything, black and white included and today I want to fuck Scarlett Johansson.

So the Emmys were last night and I am going to be honest, no one really blew me away with what they wore.  Which is sad because I am sure that was what they were all after, impressing random creeps on the internet.  Maybe next year celebrities!  So I am not sure I can declare a winner but it seemed like a good excuse to post Alexandra Daddario because she is gorgeous and doesn’t come up that often otherwise.  I guess maybe her True Detective bump is over cause the internet is back to not really talking about her much.  Hopefully she has something awesome in the works.  Or honestly even just another crummy horror movie because she’s looked good in those.  My point is she is very, very pleasant to look at so today I want to fuck Alexandra Daddario.

So I guess I am saying Taylor Swift won the VMAs cause here it is the next morning and I am posting her.  I think it basically boils down to legs, because it isn’t even like what she wore on the red carpet is so much nice as it is legs.  I mean she didn’t wear legs.  That would be creepy and weird.  I meant basically the outfit didn’t cover her legs and made them stand out.  You know, I don’t need to explain that, you guys must be smart, you follow me, you get it, right?  I hope so.  Anyway, today I want to fuck Taylor Swift.

Man British Girls, am I right? You actually don’t have the answer that, I just wanted to start this that way because, well, I make the same kinda jokes that maybe aren’t really jokes all the time.  Doctor Who was last night and Jenna Coleman is adorable.  And I love the way they dress her.  I guess I like the sense of style and I like the people associated with it?  I don’t know, I don’t always make sense, the point is Doctor Who is back and I am rambling and today I want to fuck Jenna Coleman.