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So I watched Open Windows and uh… it was ok.  Not as tense as Grand Piano.  Strangely like the dark mirror of that movie.  Well, they’re both dark.  Maybe like the less classy version?  I don’t know, I am not a film critic.  Anyway, Sasha Grey was in it and uh… she was fine.  I think she was kind of supposed to be playing Kristen Stewart?  Honestly she wasn’t great and it is just strange to try and wrap my head around the idea that the former biggest porn star in the world (maybe?  I don’t know, it seemed that way) is now just making normal movies.  Of course, she got naked, I’d imagine that is part of why you get her?  That seems dismissive but I kind of assume that is part of it.  I am rambling, I have nothing of interest to say here really.  Today I want to fuck Sasha Grey.

Here are a bunch of (old) pictures of Katy Perry.  Because I really like Katy Perry.  I won’t lie guys, I am at low creative ebb and have been all weekend.  It’s just been a blah few days. I can think of almost nothing to say except that Katy Perry is very attractive and I like her and I hope your weekends are going well.  Today I want to fuck Katy Perry

Here is Blake Lively who has shown up a lo this week.  At least I think it was all this week.  I dunno, it started with her announcing she was pregnant and then very obviously being pregnant and I feel like I have seen new pictures of her every day.  None of these are actually those pictures but you know, whatever.  It happens.  Anyway, here she is because she is just so classically beautiful sometimes and I like how glamorous she can look.  It’s that simple.  Today I want to fuck Blake Lively.

Here is Debby Ryan for not particular reason other than I woke up thinking about Debby Ryan.  Maybe this means I had a dream about her or something and have forgotten.  Maybe my brain just works that way.  I am not sure, I got distracted because my bedhead had taken the form of a giant puffy mohawk and that was pretty sweet.  By the time that I got over that excitement and showered I lost any reason for Debby Ryan being stuck in my brain.  She was there though.  Probably has something to do wiht her being pretty.  Anyway, today I want to fuck Debby Ryan.

Yesterday I posted Karen Gillan and mentioned she’s hot.  Which shouldn’t have been news that I think so given it was like the 13th time I have posted her.  But someone reblogged that I figured out what Doctor Who fans have known forever.  Which I guess means they think I just figured it out.  It was funny in the way when I used to work at a record store and a 17 year old would tell me about this super obscure band I probably had never heard of called the Pixies.  You just kind of nod and let them have their moment.  Anyway, it got me thinking about Doctor Who, thus today’s post. One of the best things about the latest season of Doctor Who is how dedicated it has been to putting Jenna Coleman in just excellent outfits.  I really appreciate that we got Victorian England, Robin Hood, now a Flapper.  I really appreciate this because she has looked fantastic that way.  She seems to be one of those people who would look fantastic in a potato sack though.  I can’t be sure, they haven’t put her in that yet.  What they have put her in has been great though.  And I am just not sure why so many people don’t seem to like her.  I won’t get into that here though, I enjoy her. Today I want to fuck Jenna Coleman.

Guys, Karen Gillan is ridiculously hot on Selfie.  It just needs to be said at the top of things.  I almost feel like I should feel bad or something for thinking that but she is.  And the show seems to be getting better too, I found it much funnier in the past couple of weeks than during the pilot.  She of course has been charming and charismatic since go but the material wasn’t all there.  She is so good in it though.  Because of course she is.  And she was always gorgeous, I am so thankful she is on American TV now so there are just so many more pictures of her.  Thank you Hollywood for being ubiquitous and trying to take over the world.  It’s really working out well for me.  Today I want to fuck Karen Gillan.

So I was sitting here and I was like, “Who did I post today?”  Then it was like, “Oh crap, I didn’t post today”.  This is hardly the latest I have ever posted, I have like 8 hours left but I actually thought I had.  The only way I realized I hadn’t was because I couldn’t remember who.  Then I was like, that’s because I basically haven’t thought about it today.  I’ve been busy.  So I made my way to a computer and there sitting in front of me is Kate Upton.  On the screen.  I guess I don’t need to clarify but I will.  If Kate Upton had been sitting there I wouldn’t be posting at this moment.  No, I’d either be on my knees begging, “Pleeeeease” or washing pepper spray out of my eyes.  Or you know, braiding her hair and watching scary movies. I might be able to talk her into it!  A lot of people tell me I am extremely charming.  Anyway, it’s kind of sort of incredibly well documented at this point that I adore Kate Upton and find her very attractive.  So today I want to fuck Kate Upton.

I know I just posted Jessica Chastain a couple of days ago and usually I don’t repeat myself so soon again.  It’s not really my fault she’s here again though.  It’s her fault.  For being so amazing.  This weekend I engaged in all sorts of Chastain nonsense, from like a long conversation with my dear friend, to watching some interviews with her on youtube to rewatching Mama.  And I can go on and on about how talented she is but I kind of feel like I don’t have to.  Like that is superfluous because look at how good she looks when she poses for a picture.  It’s kind of mind blowing how perfect she looks in photoshoots.  Especially given she basically wasn’t doing them until a couple of years ago.  Because no one knew who she was a couple of years ago.  And she doesn’t consider herself someone people would want to look at.  And… I dunno, it’s kind of crazy to think she is this talented and gorgeous and was somehow just another face in the crowded Hollywood scene awaiting her big break when I started this blog.  Well, maybe she broke a little before.  Semantics, the point remains.  She is gorgeous and talented and today I want to fuck Jessica Chastain.

I got a text just recently that read simply, “Katy Perry is so hot omg!”  Then a follow up from my friend informed me she had been looking at gifs of Katy Perry’s boobs for 15 minutes.  So you know, I was like, “Katy Perry has boobs” and for the sake of science I looked.  I have determined that yeah, she probably has boobs.  I am pretty sure.  And she does skew towards the so  hot omg end of the hotness scale also.  You can trust me, I am an expert.  Of course now that I have extensively researched this I had to share my findings so there you are.  Feel free to share this information with strangers, just tell people Katy Perry has boobs and is hot.  They’ll thank you I am sure.  Today I want to fuck Katy Perry.

Here are a bunch of random pictures of Jessica Chastain and by Random I mean I basically opened up her folder and grabbed the first 5 things I saw because I am super tired.  It also means i have nothing interesting to say about her and am in danger of repeating myself (you know, she’s an amazing actress and she’s pretty).  So forgive me if I just put these up and totally half ass it and say that because of all the reasons I have previously documented today I want to fuck Jessica Chastain.